About SHINee


Group name: 샤이니 (SHINee)
Company: SM Entertainment
1st appearance: 19/5/2008
Debut officially on 25/5/2008 on SBS Inkigayo with Noona you’re so pretty (Replay)
Official fanclub name: SHINee World - usually prefered as Shawol
Official color: Pearl Aqua Green.
Official Homepage:
Including 5 members: Onew, JongHyun, Key, Minho and Taemin.

Some other things you should know:

The meaning of the name “SHINee”: The word SHINee is a combination of the English word “shine” and the suffix “ee”, and is pronounced as “Shiny”. The combination would literally mean “one who receives the light”. However, through times, fans and people refer their name meaning as “Those who Shine”.

The meaning of the fanclub name “SHINee World”: Talking about this, there’s a very meaningful story behind our name. I watched a fanmade video a while ago and now I couldn’t find it anymore but i’ll tell the basic story xD

"SHINee World" name was given on SHINee’s 100th day after debut fan meeting - a very meaningful day for any group. However, at the time they announced it, there were many people against that name. The reason was because at that time, there were many groups that have so much meaningful and beautiful and sounds very "pretty" names, and SHINee came up with a ‘normal and childish’ name, as some said. Mostly those who complaint about it were not SHINee fans (this is the funny part lol). But then, Onew posted a post on their official homepage, explaining the name. The reason they picked that name, is not only because it has the word "SHINee" in it, and is the name of their first album, but also because they want to have a fanclub, that always be there for them anytime, always support them anytime, their fans always be around them, and SHINee always be around SHINee World. That’s why the name SHINee World came up. They want to have a ‘world’ with people supporting and loving each other, always be together and forever.

After that, the fans started to get much closer and stronger, through many hardships and happiness. And not to mention that SHINee World (in Korea ofcourse) is the most loyal and well-mannered in Korean fandoms, the reason is another story hehe

Their 1st appearance: Their 1st public appearance was not their debut stage, but was on a small performance at Lee Soo Man’s old school, to ‘introduce’ the boys. They also had another public appearance on 22nd of May 2008 on a non-official stage of Mnet.

Official color: Their 1st official color was Pearlescent Blue, but for some reason they changed it to Pearl Aqua Green. I personally can’t different between these two colors lol but i think their currently color is a bit more Glowing and it’s very unique, not as strong as some other groups’ but show SHINee’s characteristic: you don’t have to be special or a strong fanclub but when people look at you, they know that you’re a SHINee fan! :)

Average age: Their average age when SHINee debut was only 17.2 XD And they were a bomb at that time for debuting at such a young age but have real talents. Taemin was the official maknae of the whole KPOP showbiz for a long time and SHINee were refered as “The country’s younger brothers”.


Member: Onew

Stage Name: Onew (온유)
Real name:
 Lee Jinki (이진기)
Birthday: 14th December 1989
Height: 177cm
Blood type: O
Group’s position: Leader

Onew came from a medium-high class family at Gyeonggi-do. His family owns a meat shop, and owning a meat shop in Korea means that your family is pretty wealthy, because meat in Korea is the most expensive food.

Onew was being very supportive by his family on his way of becoming a singer. However he didn’t want to become a singer at first. He only changed his mind when he’s at grade 9, so he studied at SM Academy, and later being casted to join SM trainees system. Finally, he debut as the leader of SHINee.

He is known as a very gentle, nice and well-mannered person, as his personality is very soft and very love-able by anyone who gets a chance to know him. However he is sometimes acts very very silly and dorky, and people refer those actions as “Onew sangtae”. Want to know more about this? Search on youtube! :) He’s also a smart kid, as he becamse the #2 best student in high school.

Onew is a very nice leader to SHINee boys, as he never yell at them, or force them to do anything. He wants to be the leader who can listens and supports well. If he has any sad things or facing problems, he would rather keep it to himself to not worry the members. And if the members have any problems, he’s the one the members and lean onto.


Member: JongHyun

Stage Name: Jonghyun
Real name:
 Kim JongHyun (김종현)
Birthday: 8th April 1990
Height: 173cm
Blood type: AB
Group’s position: Main vocal

Jonghyun has one older sister, and his family is from Seoul. He’s always wanted to be a singer, or join a band when he was younger. However, his family didn’t support his dream, and he worked his very best to prove that he can be a singer, and he will do well. He was a bassist of his highschool’s band before becoming an SM Trainee. He got auditioned for his unique and amazing voice even he never went through any official training. Later he debut as SHINee’s main vocal, and his family is now very supportive and a strong source of reliance for him.

He is known to be the one who’s very sensitive and cries a lot. He can cries anytime xD But he only cries for happiness, and never cries for sadness. We can see that he cried many times when SHINee got their #1 winnings or awards.

He is the happy trait of SHINee. He always laughs and jokes around, together with Key and Onew. He also loves working out, not to be a ‘beast idol’, but to have a good and strong and toned body.


Member: Key

Stage Name: Key (키)
Real name: Kim KiBum (김기범)
Birthday: 23th September 1991
Height: 179cm (used to be 177)
Blood type: B
Position: Rap, Vocal

Key is very talented, as known to have ‘triple treat’ as he can dance, sing and rap at the same time. He became SM Trainee after an energetic dance performance at the audition held in his hometown Daegu. 

Key is known to dance girlgroups’ dances very well, as he only watch them 2 or 3 times and able to dance along correctly. He is the original idol who started the ‘girl group dance’ trend, not some other idols who also do this as him. He hasn’t officially dance to girl groups dances for a while now but watching some fancams he still do it, just for fun. Key’s also very good in learning languages. He came to LA when he was 12 to study English, so his English skill is quite acceptable. Now as SHINee’s debut in Japan, he’s studying Japanese and his Japanese is the best of SHINee members.

If SHINee win any award and cry, Key will be the first member to cry. But he doen’t cry the most, as that person is Jonghyun hehe. He is also a very pious child and grandchild. He lived with his grandmother since he was born, as his mom was sick after giving birth of him, and his father was always busy working (his father is a businessman). He really loves his family, as he always mentions their names on celebratory speech of SHINee, and his family is very proud of him also.

Key loves painting and art very much. And he had a small exhibition with his uncle not long ago, where his random pieces of art being shown public for the first time.


Member: Minho

Stage Name: Minho 
Real name: Choi MinHo (최민호)
Birthday: 9th December 1991
Height: 184cm (used to be 181)
Blood type: B
Position: Rapper

Minho's dad is a very famous football coach in Korea, as he used to be the national's team coach. Minho's childhood dream was to be a football player, but his father did not very supportive, as he knows how hard that would be for his younger son, and he didn't want Minho to suffer. Later when Minho's in secondary school, he wanted to become a singer, but his father didn't support it as well, because he wanted Minho to focus on studying. Talking about studying, Minho was not a very good student at that time as he always wanted to play football xD So to get his father's approval to become a singer, Minho put all effort he has to study for an exam. He stayed up for 3 nights straight to study, and on that exam he was in top 10 of his school. That's when he got the approval from his parents.

Until now he still loves football and sports very much, and he’s very very very competitive. I think his celebrity career now helps him to continue to support his hobby - playing sports.

Minho drew attention even before SHINee debut, as he was one of the main models for the famous designer Andre Kim’s fashion show, with his good appearance and model potential.


Member: Taemin

Stage Name: TaeMin 
Real name: Lee TaeMin (이태민)
Birthday: 18th July 1993
Height: 179cm (used to be 175)
Blood type: B
Position: Main Dancer

Taemin started dancing since he was 12, as he always see his seniors like BoA, Shinhwa and H.O.T performing. His idol is Michael Jackson.

Taemin was a very smart kid. When he was 10, he joined a Maths competition (i dont remeber if it was a Seoul competition or a national one) and he got the Gold medal. Even after he debut with SHINee he didn’t come to school much due to busy schedule, he came #3 on a science exam of his class. 

Taemin used to be very self-conscious with his singing ability, as he didn’t have much singing training when he debut. But now, his singing ability has improved very very much and he has a very good voice now.

Taemin never cries when SHINee get their awards. I remember only saw him cry twice - once when SHINee just debut and he was asked about his family, he cried because he miss them, and the 2nd time is at SHINee’s 1st concert in Seoul earlier this year, he didn’t ‘cry a river’ but he did cry :) He’s a very strong kid right? :D

Those are some things you might want to know about SHINee. If you have any question you can ask me. To know about their Discography, go here, and for SHINee’s facts, you can go here. :)